Architecture, Art & Design in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic

v a M O D E R N is the preeminent curated database of modern architects, designers, and artists in Virginia.

Our mission is simple. We showcase and document the best of architecture, art, and design throughout Virginia and into the extended Chesapeake Bay region. The site is a collective source of well informed posts and resources on architectural design, architects, artists, businesses, and cultural institutions in the Mid-Atlantic, which contribute to or provide creative experiences to the public interested in a modern lifestyle. 

www.vamodern.com or www.virginia-modern.com

Josh McCullar, AIA is the publisher of v a M O D E R N. A native of the southern Virginia Piedmont, he grew up in a handful of small towns throughout both Carolinas and Virginia. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Virginia, and has worked in the region for 16 years on cultural and residential projects. Josh is a registered architect in Virginia and runs the Richmond based design firm Josh McCullar Architects.

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