Prophecy Church of God, Abandoned, Amelia County, VA.


4 thoughts on “Prophecy Church of God, Abandoned, Amelia County, VA.

  1. I pass by this beautiful little church when I drive to Amelia, and I finally got a chance to snap a pic yesterday. The sun was shining, and I just rolled down my car window and used my iphone’s camera. A sign in the yard reads: Wedding Chapel coming soon! I hope I get to see it after it is restored. It is on Mt. Olive Rd. which runs behind the Chula store.

  2. what an interesting old church. I too have driven by in many times, and finally today we stopped and took some photos of it. would love to know the history of it, denominations that used it, why it was abandoned. how old it is?

  3. Beautiful little church. We passed it yesterday and also had to get a picture. The only information I have been able to find so far is that it was a Prophecy Church of God.

  4. My family and I passed this church each time we went to Busch Gardens and when we took our last trip back in July, I struck up the nerve to email the historical society of the area for some information about the church. The woman who was nice enough to email me back and told me a little bit about the place. She said that when she moved to the area forty-five years prior, the church was abandoned and to this day it still is. When I brought up the fact that I believed that the church was called a Prophecy Church of God she told me that she had never heard of it called that name; instead, she told me that the church’s original name was Mount Hermon (Herman) Presbyterian Church. It is believed that the church was built around 1866 and served as an African-American place of worship. There is a church just down the road from there that also served as a church and school and is still used to this day.
    I hope that this helps anyone that is interested. I know it’s not much, but it’s been abandoned for so long that you can only dig up so much information.

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