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Menokin and Harvard Join Forces

Menokin: Rubble With A Cause

When the core of your mission is education and you are presented with
the opportunity to host a group of graduate students from the Harvard
Graduate School of Design you vote “Aye!” right?

Of course, right. Jorge Silvetti, lead architect on the Menokin Project, is pencil
also a Nelson Robinson Jr. Professor of Architecture at Harvard. He approached
Menokin Executive Director, Sarah Pope last fall about offering The Menokin Project
as the subject of his studio course for the 2013
spring semester.

Ten students will participate in the studio, and will travel to the site this weekend for an introduction to Menokin and the history of the Northern Neck.

Their initiation will begin on Friday evening with a dinner hosted by Menokin Trustees and staff. Honorary Menokin Trustee Calder Loth will present an indepth look at the current conservation practices at nearby historic sites.

They plan to spend a large part of…

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One thought on “Menokin and Harvard Join Forces

  1. Hi there, vaModern! It’s extremely nice to “meet” you, and I thank you so much for liking an earlier post of mine, “Charlotte Cityscape”. I just read through the Tobacco Barn story which was fascinating and full of great historical information. Thanks for that. But, when I came to this post, I’m very intrigued about this image. In school, we had a project titled “Painting with Light”, taking a long exposure while moving light around and/or turning lights of/on in different areas. Is that was was done here? Can you share? Thanks so much!

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