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vaMODERN featured in A+A

Check out the latest from writer, J. Michael Welton. vaMODERN has been featured in his widely read journal Architects+Artisans.

“So what is Virginia Modern? Not unlike Carolina Modern, I think modernism in this region should not ignore the past. We are not about white boxes. We are rooted in this place whether we know it or not. So, architecturally, modernism here is a continuation of the vernacular lineage of this place. It is about authenticity. Modernism here understands that Virginia’s climate is not the same as Southern California or Spain. Modernism here needs to shed water and insulate against snowfall and winter wind, while admitting warming sunlight. So, we may need gable roofs and eaves and that’s okay. It needs to shade in the summer, but be open to breezes to diffuse humidity. It needs to be open and transparent, but use materials like masonry and wood which are made of this land and age as gracefully has our vernacular has. The modern architecture we make today in Virginia should, centuries from now, evoke the same sense of permanence and visual power as the ruins of Barboursville, Rosewell, or Menokin do today. There are a small handful of good designers in Virginia who are doing this in their work, so vaMODERN showcases this, and that’s what we try to do in our own work.”


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