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S T U D I E S: WG Clark

The Dean’s Gallery at the University of Virginia School of Architecture will feature a new exhibit from February 24th to June 3rd featuring the design explorations of W G Clark Architect.


S  T  U  D  I  E  S

“Unrealized projects have always fascinated me; they are more easily forgotten than constructed work, so it’s always a surprise to come across the old drawings and model studies of un-built ideas. Their abandonment has many causes: better ideas replace them, clients quit, even successful competitions are either not built or, if so, made unrecognizable from the entry. But, although unborn, these lost projects don’t die; their ideas remain in play and tend to migrate to later, and perhaps realized buildings. Often we are not even aware that an old idea is influencing a new scheme; it’s how fossils work, where the material becomes replaced, but the form remains true to the original.

The work in these rooms, with the exception of the East Addition to Campbell Hall, represents things never built, only imagined. They exist solely as artifacts of design, but they each have contributed importantly to the evolution of the larger body of work over time.”

W G Clark Architect


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