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Arritt Farmhouse

A two hundred year old classic white clapboard Virginia farmhouse is as humble and beautiful and well placed as a bank -barn in the Shenandoah Valley or an old tobacco barn near Danville by day, but this farmhouse in the hills near Covington reveals a very special and unexpected surprise at night. It glows. Literally. Like a ghost in a misty white vail twisting and leaning into a repose of suspended movement. At once mysterious, haunting, and memorable, this addition by OnSite Architecture to a family home reveals the silhouette of its mortised white oak timber frame inspired by the traditions of the original house, but sheathed in a slick skin of translucent panels. This dark-light contrast of frame vs skin is cleverly {if not accidentally} reminiscent of English Tudor traditions in early Tidewater Virginia where the white stucco plaster infill contrasted with a heavy timber frame.

See additional photos, models, and drawings here.


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